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Know what you’re buying!

How can you be certain that you aren’t buying a pup? And how do you prevent wrangling about hidden defects? When you buy a house, you want to be thorough and avoid any nasty surprises later on. A structural surveyor will help you here. You can obviously consider a structural survey as a seller too! In any case, a seller must arrange an energy label in time.

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A structural survey

The ins and outs

With a structural survey, you know where you stand. The survey reveals any defects and shows you exactly what it will cost to repair them. You can see at a glance what defects need to be repaired immediately and what require attention in the long term. Stick to what you’re good at, which is why we do not do the structural survey ourselves. We refer you to Perfectkeur who perform the survey.Perfectkeur’s structural report meets all the requirements of the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG). So you know what you are buying or selling!


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