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Traditional service with up-to-date knowledge

We have been operating as an estate agent in Rotterdam for over 35 years, with more than 80 years' experience in real estate within the team. We know Rotterdam like the back of our hand, and Rotterdam knows us. Attention, quality and tailor-made service are key concepts for us. And that's reflected in everything we do! Meet our people
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The team

Meet our people

Rotterdam common sense

This is how we work

We enjoygoing the extra mile! That’s why we always do a little bit more for the purchase or sale of your property. Posting your property online or searching through the available properties is just the start for us. The real work comes afterwards.

And to ensure that we really know the local situation, we are active in the district, focus on personal contact, visit you at home and attach great value to detailed intakes. Because we need to know you very well if we are to fulfil your dreams for a new home.

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